quinta-feira, novembro 24, 2005

Blog Savagery.

Feels good ...
The poor bloated blogosphere has way more Nice Bloggers than it can comfortably afford to support. They sicken its stomach. The blogosphere is wishing it could vomit out all the Nice Bloggers.
Nice Bloggers are selfish. They want everyone to like them. They refuse to get angry about anything. They will not take a stand on any vital issue.
Nice Bloggers are callous. They're oblivious to the suffering and injustices others experience. The world, to them, is fine and dandy, as long as they're doing well in it. Wait and see what happens when it all goes nuts on them, as it will, it always does.
Nice Bloggers are rotten. They've been pampered and softened into walking blobs of mindless oatmeal. They have no backbone, no courage, no authenticity. It's totally fake to reprimand someone for silly, inconsequential, imaginary details, then hypocritically smile and inquire into their personal family matters, like a trusted confidante. But this is done to save face, two-facedly, a twin and double facade.
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